Overdrive City - Car Tycoon Game for Android

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Create the ultimate car city in this free sim game

Overdrive City – Car Tycoon Game is a free car simulation mobile video game that allows you to build and customize cars, race them, and create your very own car-themed city. Developed by Gameloft, Overdrive City is simultaneously a car maker game, a racing game, a city-builder game, and a tycoon simulator game in one versatile package. This mobile game is all about cars and centers around the world of racing and car manufacturing, even though it is set in a city tycoon world. You play as a budding motorsport entrepreneur, who gets to create and repair cars—and even drive them—in order to build a massive production line of a city that can help you collect more gorgeous vehicles.

Ready, get set, build!

Overdrive City’s gameplay may remind you of Car Town, one of those old Facebook browser games. Unlike the latter, however, Overdrive City’s cars look less cartoonish and seem more like miniature toys, especially when you get to see them up-close. Overdrive City mainly focuses on the city-building aspect, as you’ll be needing various resource-generating buildings in your city to be able to both repair and produce cars. You can customize your city with various decorative automobile-themed stuff. 

Aside from vehicle parts-generating buildings, you can also have car showrooms in your city to show off your growing collection. There are also factories and research centers that will yield car design blueprints and let you customize how the cars will look like. There are over 50 famous licensed car models from popular brands and you can both collect, manufacture, repair, and trade them with friends online—although collecting parts needs you to tap a lot. 

Unlike other car games, Overdrive City has its customization for free so you can change the colors and patterns of your cars—and even the environment of the city—without having to pay for them. Unfortunately, for the racing aspect, you can only control the acceleration pedal. Your car with automatically turn on the isometric-view race track—not to mention that there’s an auto-race option. Despite its racing career mode, Overdrive City appeals more to city-builder fans who like collecting cars, as well.


  • Great 3D graphics
  • Free paint job customization for cars
  • City-building doesn’t limit you with map design
  • Easy racing controls


  • Collecting resources has no auto-collect function
  • Racing isn’t too intuitive

Overdrive City - Car Tycoon Game for Android

  • Free
  • In English
  • V v1.1.24.vc1012400.rev53724.b78.release
  • 5
  • (1)
  • Security Status

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